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7 Tips To Find the Perfect Outdoor Wedding Venue

southlake outdoor wedding venue

While planning an outdoor wedding is romantic and it’s fun dreaming of the flowers, music, and cake, the venue is one of the most essential parts of an outdoor wedding. If you’re wondering about finding outdoor wedding venues near me and other Southlake, Texas, areas, following these seven tips can help you have a smooth wedding experience.

Start Your Search Early

Many people choose to get married in the fall in the Southlake, Texas, area, as the weather is perfect for an outdoor wedding. Because of this time frame’s popularity for outdoor weddings, it’s crucial to start looking for venues early. Some wedding planners suggest starting your outdoor wedding venue search 12 to 18 months out to ensure you can reserve the venue you want.

Budget and Packages

You’ll need to look at your budget to help determine what you can afford for an outdoor wedding venue. Adding packages can increase the price of the wedding venue. Usually, these are packages for catering, beverages, or flowers. These can take the stress off of you finding these essential aspects of having a wedding. You can also look for a venue that offers financing to help offset the initial cost of the wedding.

Location and Accessibility

You want to have a wedding venue that’s easy for your guests to access. Being fairly close to an airport is a definite plus. Your outdoor wedding venue should also have plenty of parking spaces, including handicap-accessible ones. As most guests are dressed in fine clothes and often heels, you’ll want your wedding venue to have walkable pathways.

Wedding Venue Amenities

The amenities offered at an outdoor wedding venue can make all the difference for your special day. Do you have exclusive use of the venue grounds? Can they accommodate both the ceremony and the reception? Is there a full kitchen for the caterers? The more on-site amenities the wedding venue offers, the less planning you have to do.

Maximum Capacity and Features

Look over your guest list and confirm with the wedding venue the maximum guest capacity for an outdoor wedding. Does the venue have arbors or a trellis to stand under during the wedding ceremony? Enough seating for an outdoor wedding? In addition, look for features such as easy access to restrooms and the parking lot.

Outdoor and Indoor Options

Even though you’re planning an outdoor wedding, see if your wedding venue has the option to have the ceremony and reception indoors just in case the weather turns. A venue that has this option can help relieve any stress associated with inclement weather.

Customizable for Your Theme

Look for a wedding venue that can customize the theme for any wedding style. Do you want a classic, rustic, or bohemian theme? Each of these styles has a different presentation and you’ll want the staff at the venue to decorate according to your unique tastes.

Our professional team at Chandon Arbors welcomes you to come and visit our beautiful outdoor wedding venue in Southlake, Texas. Contact us today to schedule a tour of our grounds and property and discuss how we can help make your Southlake outdoor wedding a dream come true.

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