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How to Have the Perfect Spring Wedding at our Southlake Wedding Venue

There are many important elements to consider when you’re selecting a spring wedding venue. You’ll likely want a combination of indoor and outdoor areas available to accommodate the unpredictable weather. You can turn to nature to inspire your color palette, floral selection, and menu. Here are some quick tips to help you plan the perfect spring wedding at our Southlake wedding venue.

Choose a Charming Setting

Our Southlake wedding venue has several stunning locations you can use for your ceremony and reception. In this part of Texas, you can expect average highs in the upper 60s in March. This jumps to the upper 70s in April and low 80s in May. If you’re having a daytime ceremony, you’ll find the weather amply comfortable for an outdoor wedding venue in Southlake, though you may want an indoor area nearby as part of your rain plan.

Our outdoor space for 200 features a picturesque arbor, waterfall feature, bar, lounge seating, and two fireplaces to ward off the chill as temperatures drop in the evening. You can use the Horizon Patio off the Crystal Ballroom for your ceremony and move seamlessly to the ballroom for an indoor reception of up to 200 guests. The Grand Ballroom accommodates up to 300 guests and opens onto the Beacon Patio with a fireplace, waterfall, and seating for 20. You’ll find countless ways to customize your experience.

Find Your Springtime Colors

All of our wedding and reception areas feature a neutral color palette so it’s easy to add your own personality and style to the event. For a spring wedding, you can turn to nearly any fresh, inviting hue. Pastels may seem like an obvious go-to, but you can easily pop in deeper accents as well, like a rich berry, midnight blue, or forest green to balance a lighter color. Green and white offer a timeless look, while silvers and blues are distinctive and modern. Make our wedding venue in Southlake your own with colors that suit your style.

Select Seasonal Floral Accents

Seasonal flowers are always the most affordable option. When you’re decorating for a spring wedding, you have an abundance of stunning choices. Popular springtime blooms in Texas include the Texas bluebell, evening primrose, Cape plumbago, and hibiscus. Work with a local florist to find the best blooms around your wedding date.

Set a Refreshing Menu

Our wedding venue in Southlake is equipped with a full prep kitchen as well as designated food truck parking and access, so you can serve any type of meal with ease. A seasonal springtime menu might include fresh produce such as strawberries, citrus, carrots, turnips, and greens. 

Adding edible flowers to your drinks, cake, and dishes will create an undeniably fresh springtime feeling. Let the bright and blossoming air of the season inspire your selections to create a fairy tale experience for your guests.

At Chandon Arbors, we can accommodate all your needs and help you create the perfect spring wedding. Contact us now to inquire about availability and get your date on the calendar!

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